Being poetically in the world


If Socrates lived in a spiritual world, then Martin Heidegger lived in real life and tried finding a new way of living as individual without God’s supervision. He used to be virtually apolitical, but made a political wrong decision to become a rector of Freiburg University during war-time. He wasn’t allow to teach after world war II and kept silence for nearly a decade. He ended up with a terrible relationship with his professor Edmund Husserl. Never the less, he is one of profound and influential thinkers in 20th century. He disliked big city and social and culture life, as he was deeply attached to the provincial life of southern Germany, to its small towns and rugged landscape. He did much of his writing in a mountain cottage he built near The Black Forest at Todtnsuberg. To me, he is the most fascinating philosopher like an hidden treasure, unfortunately being ignored in the most of books of philosophy history.

Being is thrown into the world. He can not choose to be born, or to be born in one situation over another, even though he has option to die. Being is more like a farmer bond to earth, time and very limited. Sun went down, being lives on its own in the dark. The only thing left to do is to look at oneself and live on and give life a meaning throughout the journey. Life is about to interact with world around and experience it, and there isn’t any meaning before and after being exist.  And, being doesn’t exist alone, but also been thrown into other people’s world, so no one can be himself. Being has been forgotten in western philosophical thinking even since.


The world unconcealed itself only when one lives in and interacts with it, being isn’t the center of world. Knowledge and rationality are only part of interaction and not as critical as they seem to be. It’s more critical to know how being exists before starts questioning and understanding the world. Being doesn’t perceive the outside of world through a window, being is already outside and part of the world. I am, therefore I think.

Essentially, truth, beauty and being are identical. Art is not simply a copy of reality, but to reveal the truth and beauty when the usefulness of subject is receded and the reliability becomes prominent, so the work of art illuminates the ordinary, and reveals the truth from different perspective. Art is not a matter of subject, so it stands on its own and reveals the truth. If art is treated as a subject for sale, it loses the world and becomes homeless. Technology and science are full of calculation towards the nature, it does opposite from art. The poetry is prior to the other art forms.

After all, the one is thrown into the world with everything granted, and life is a journey of revealing itself. No matter how tough the explore and adventure are, essentially life ought to be full of joy and live quietly and poetically in the world.

2 responses to Being poetically in the world

  1. Great post, I think that the headings show that Being in the World is itself something of an irrationality as it’s understood by the subject and art is the medium of that expression, whether the aesthetic of an artistic era is expressive or not. The next era of thought will get it’s justification from the Irrational and will be more similar to Art than Science. Philosophy will find it’s proper place. I really enjoyed this post! Check mine out if you’d like at!


    • Autumn Traveler – Author

      Thanks for your comments. Hope have more time to catch up your posts.
      I barely scratched the surface of Heidegger’s philosophical thinking here. I still clearly remembered the moment I was shocked by his ideas few years back, that’s one of main reasons I sketched his portrait and share it here, since I couldn’t get rid of his ideas from my mind. He really made me thinking that everyone is thinking about their life and destiny but the level of depth is far away from him. And now a day, hardly read anything like this. But really glad I encountered with his ideas. All though, the language he used to convey his thinking is too tight to grasp at the beginning, but deeply rooted in the ground.


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