Paroisse Cathedrale Saint Sauveur

davOnce a while something echoes in memory hardly fades away, it keeps calling until I have to nail it down with painting. Here’s one of occasions where Paroisse Cathedrale Saint Sauveur embraces in mediterranean sunset at Aix-En-Provence, it somehow brings me a symbolic meaning impossible to interpret with words.

Running out of canvas and paper unfortunately but only left with a piece of cardboard tinted with bluish grey, there is no way to get any supplies from shops during this period of lockdown. So I turned the cardboard over and tried to capture the feeling when I was visiting Aix-En-Provence in front of Cathedral.  I really don’t remember any details since nearly a year has passed. Everything has gone by quickly ever since, but a fragment of precious memory stays. Ironically I felt more free when nothing gets prepared or takes it too seriously, but purely guided by the feeling left in memory.

A sense of symbolic with immense tranquility, not sure how long it has been standing there and Cezanne painted it before from distance. Breath being hold, I have to raise my head to look at it like Cezanne used to observing Mont Sainte-Victoire, where I guess I will never be capable of reaching its peak, or perhaps the world doesn’t need another Cezanne while I have to live on my own way of pursuing something meaningful.



SignificanceNot really sure about the reason I was somehow angry and drunken a bit as well that day,  only left with this painting as a prove of evidence. Obviously incomplete but I have no clue how I painted it and I don’t know either how to make it a complete piece. I guess I am no longer the same person as before. I can’t step into the same river twice like Heraclitus used to say.

Life isn’t like a river running through peacefully, but only possibility towards future, at some point it ceases its flow. Death ends all the possibilities of possibility. That’s what I recalled that day when a young soccer fan was drown in this river midnight after celebrating France winning the last World Cup. When you face harsh reality, you might realise life is in fact full of events of violence, even the fossil fuel powers car engine in our daily life is crystallised over thousands of years through catastrophic events of nature. Where seemly under peaceful lush green insects may be killing each other. Under current circumstance, it seems to me everything tries to survive even virus, but one’s survival could be another living being’s nightmare. It doesn’t make any sense anymore by saying life is aesthetically beautiful or everything should be harmoniously and fairly living together. I am pretty sure human beings will eventually wipe out the virus, however the world we live in is fundamentally irrational.

I can only see reality partially, one corner reveals itself while another receded in that sense I can never know truth, as so there is not truth but only with different perspective.

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